Thursday, May 20, 2004

Gold Plated Turds Are Still Turds

Usually after E3 is over and done with I, being the type of person who gets excited about these sorts of things, read about all the shiny new games and have something to be excited about... Not this year.

The only game that has me jumping up and down like someone who downed a six-pack and can't find a bathroom is Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose, and I've been drooling over that game since I finished Episode I. Far Cry: Instincts may have interested me if my computer wouldn't run the PC version of Far Cry, but I have a feeling that the magic just won't be there on the PS2(or the stupid-motherfucking Xbox). The Final Fantasy XII previews look like someone took a shit on a Final Fantasy game, then painted up real nice and shiny. No more nice, familiar old-fashioned combat system where everyone stands in a line; it's new, it's super, I hate the very idea of it. People who play RPGs play them because they like RPGs, not because they wish it was an entirely different game altogether. Oh, and I could really not give two shits about Half Life 2 or Doom 3. I will however jump all over that Call Of Duty: United Offensive expansion pack. By the way, did anyone notice every single game I just mentioned was a sequel? I did.

When it comes to the entirely new original game front, or at least the ones I pay attention to, it's basically the two Guerilla games: Killzone and Shellshock: Nam '67. Sure, they may be new, but they don't look too impressive. With people actually taking a look at the game in play, it seems like the hype-machine behind Killzone is starting to slow down, and maybe it deserves to. I think the idea behind Shellshock is to preempt the immanent wave of Vietnam War era games and it will probably work, at least from a sales standpoint. I have a feeling that both games are going to sell like hotcakes regardless of how good they are. Oh well, I suppose that's the way it goes...

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