Thursday, July 29, 2004

Let's Hope That These Lands Are Once Again Eternal

In the week since the Eternal Lands server poofed, thanks to quite a few hours playing the game, I've nearly brought my character back to the levels he was at before the... "incident". That either says a lot about my commitment to the game since the crash, or my lack thereof prior to it.

It was quite the crazy situation for a few days there, everybody pushing themselves beyond the need for sleep or nutrition in a mad dash to become the best at something. Thanks to those like me who A). have other things to do, and B). just don't have what it takes to put so much "work" into a videogame, things smoothed off after a little while. Some players stats took off like rockets, others like mine were more similar to a moped needing a pedal pump here and there to make it up a somewhat-sort-of-steep hill. While some things returned to a near-normal state within a few days, others are far from it, even now. No longer does anyone who's been in the game for more than two days have the best equipment attainable and no idea how to use it. In this respect the power-levellers should be happy, as they knew the quickest route to shiny, expensive, rare equipment and put it to good use.

How long this state will last remains to be seen, either certain items will stay rare and the prices high, or it will drop back to the price range of the in-game lower class. Honestly, I see myself as aside from all of this as the fact that "it's just a fucking videogame" is constantly in the back of my mind while these debates are at hand. Far be it from me to take the stance of the "normal guy" on any issue ever, but while you nerds are crying about your fantasy economy I'll be over here not being a pansy. Of course, I'll still be playing EL with you nerds, I just won't be a pansy about it.

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