Thursday, July 15, 2004

These Lands Are Eternal

Playing Vendetta again last week got me to hankerin' for a little more massively multiplayer fun, and I remembered that Eternal Lands had recently had a client and server update. It was, in fact, that very same big server update that caused me to stop playing the game for a while, after losing all my hard earned low-level swank.But, fuck it, I felt like getting out of space for while so after spending a couple of minutes trying to remember my username and password I logged back on.

The main reason for the big server change in the first place was that the economy was getting way out of control. Everybody had way too much money to throw around, so you could get some pretty good gear just by being a "mule" for a high-level player with way to much cash to throw around. So, they took away all my shit. Therefore, my first mission was to make my ass some money. Fire Essences seem to be everybody's favorite easy way to make money so, being a fan of easy money, that was the route I took. 15 harvesting and 10 alchemy levels later I had myself some decent enough gear to start leveling up a little bit more in some other areas.

Fuck rabbits and beavers, fuck rats. I'm gonna go hunt myself some deer, yee-haw! Alright, that was a bit over the top, but anyway. The first time I had ever tried taking on a deer, I ended up in hell rather quickly, but that was before I had my swanky new get-up. Bing! Bam! Boom! Fucker went down like a kite in a windstorm. It wasn't long before I was killing all manner of deer, foxes, boars, and wolves. Then I tried taking on a puma and was swiftly sent to hell. I figured I'd better not try that again, so lately I've been taking on goblins. It's a little over my head at this point, but I can slice through wolves like a hot knife through butter and that was getting a little boring. Very recently I've been trying my hand at magic. That's right, card tricks out my ass.

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