Thursday, February 26, 2004

Black & white? That must be like half the work!

Last week I mentioned that I was looking forward to trying out the Cube CTF mod. I did succeed in downloading the mod, playing it is something else. Seg fault, no dice. I did, however, find a totally awesome Cube mod: Death Illustrated. The creators decribe it as "deathmatching inside a three dimensional comic book", which is certainly pretty dead on. See, the game is black & white (except for a few things, like blood, which are still in color) but that isn't the only bit of comic-book flavor here: The textures, all black and white, seem to be hand drawn in most cases. I'm not sure if they are hand drawn, but it adds a whole lot of atmosphere to a game already full of the stuff. The lighting is great, something about it brings to life the eerie tone of old black & white movies, and it's sort of creepy. The last game that made me feel the way I feel when I play Death Illustrated was Heretic, back in the day, and that's quite a compliment from me.

It's hard though, to try to imagine the game without seeing it. Honestly, I knew of Death Illustrated's existence and premise for weeks before I actually downloaded it, passing it off as "Cube in black & white". My thirst for all things Cube-related drove me to download it (as well as Quad, which I haven't tried out much yet, I'll explain why later), and yeah, now I love it.

In fact, I'd be playing DI (or trying Quad) right now, if not for the fact the my monitor is dying very quickly. I woke up yesterday morning and noticed that my monitor seemed very dim. I turned up the brightness, a half an hour later it was as dim as ever. Now, as I'm typing this, I can barely see the words on the screen. So, as you may imagine, I ordered a new monitor. I'm also taking this opportunity to pick up a new graphics card, maybe now I'll be able to play Legends...

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